I'm a girly girl. However, I don't keep my toenails painted year round. In fact, as I sit here typing, my toenails have the remnants of last years' pedicure still on them. Don't worry, I plan to fix that this week. The warm weather and my addiction to flip flops is my incentive to get a pedicure.
I like country music. Always have. Have tried to deny it at certain times, but have given myself completely over to it. I think it's the stories the songs tell. Some remind me of frog-giggin with my brother and the neighbor boy when I was 10, the others make me wish I was "the girl" in the songs. Some may say it's wrong to get swept away in a song. I say they are wrong. Be swept away. Favorite one right now?
'Cause there ain't nothin' like the sound
Of a cooler slushin' on the bed of your truck
And ain't nothin' like the sound of real country music
C'mon, turn it up
And I love to hear the whippoorwill sing any night
And the crickets out in the woods
Ooh, don't it feel so right
Don't it sound so good'
"Sound So Good, Ashton Shepherd"

I like my Mac. Alot. Although I'm not very technological, I love my Mac. I may not know how to sync my Twitter feed and Facebook updates, but I love my Mac. I also like having a cell phone. I may not take photos with my phone, upload them to TwitPic which is synced to my Twitter feed which then uploads to my Facebook, but I love my phone. I may not care too much for texting, but darn it I have a super cool 'whooshing' keyboard that pops out and everything. I'm fancy. In my world. Only to me :)

I'd like to consider myself a safe risk taker. Ironic, I know. But I like to take a risk, get a rush, but have investigated it beforehand. Maybe it's my lack of free flowing funds that keep this in line for me; I have a feeling if I had all the money in the world I'd blow it left and right on fun little risks. I like to travel. I like going to a city that I don't know much about (other than transportation and where my hotel is!), and just walking around. Seeing the sights, smelling the smells of something unfamiliar. There are moments in my life when I stop, think about the last time I experienced something unfamiliar, and decide right there to change it. My next unfamiliar adventure? Driving to Alabama. I spent some time in my childhood there, but haven't been back in ages. I think I may take a little trip to the coast and be with my family. This could be interesting. And unfamiliar. But fun.

I'm coming to the realisation that I don't really like clothes shopping. How on EARTH did that happen? I'm constantly asking myself as well. I'm not sure. I'm realizing that it's not as much fun anymore. Again, maybe it's the lack of free flowing cash that's changing my life. Maybe this is a good thing? Nah. I hope my love for shopping is simply being stowed away in the back of my heart for a time being, and will resurface when the time, (and free flowing cash) comes.

I have about thirty pairs of high heels that I don't wear anymore. Part of that is my job change; I went from a corporate environment to a laid back atmosphere that involves kid spit and a lot of snuggles. But I miss my heels. I only wear my black patent leather point toe stilettos time for the others. They miss me.

I miss home. Yes, I'm home now, but I'm talking about the home in my memory. Sad thing is I won't ever experience that home again. I drove back home last year, only to find the farm of my memories was crumbling away, one crusty paint layer at a time. That, and the current owners painted the original green tin roof PEACH. Yes, peach. I'm not sure why. I've always thought in the back of my mind that I'd buy that place back one day. I think I may. Lots of memories in that barn. Friday night parties, hay loft adventures, my brother almost dying from bee stings when moving hay, my first cigarette smoke, the carvings from the 1800's builders in the walls. The smell of of tobacco leaves in the dirt. The overgrown cattle stalls. The scary ice house. The memories are endless, and I miss them.

I love warm weather. I'm not sure why I live in a climate where it gets cold. Oh, I enjoy the cold. For just a few days. Then I'm over it. Maybe a trip to a northernmost state will change my mind; since I've never really experienced true snow. Except in the "blizzard of 1994", when it snowed 12" in my hometown in Kentucky. We jumped off the roof of our house into a snow pile. We walked to the store. I thought I was cool and walked off of the road, only to be completely submerged in a snow drift up to my chest! I love the water. Lakes, creeks, waterfalls, the ocean, I love it all; and want to live by a body of water someday. And own a boat :)

So there you have it. Just a little bit more about me. Enjoy the sunshine today, I know I am. :)


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