Quick Work Out

Got 30-40 minutes? Live near a park? Want to be active and enjoy the outdoors?

Well, have I got a little present for you! I thought I would share my workout today; so simple and effective! Having a best friend for a personal trainer; I've learned a few good things over the years. One of them is how to have a quick, yet effective and enjoyable workout. Did I just say enjoyable workout? I did.

Items you will need:
Park with a picnic table (Or backyard, whatever works for you)
Beach towel (or yoga mat)
Medicine ball (I used a 6lb today, it's the only one I have)

Start by warming up with a light jog for 2 songs. I'm BIG into having a good playlist to work out to, and also use it to judge my time by.
You can do the following exercises in any sequence, but I prefer to alternate legs and arms.
Here is what I did today:

20 Walking Lunges w/ medicine ball (MB) over head (be sure to keep your arms straight, and sit down through your butt.)

20 Incline Push Ups-use the end of the picnic table and place your arms shoulder-width apart. For a harder workout, scoot your feet farther away from the table. Be sure to keep your back straight, don't let your lower back and butt sag towards the ground. This can cause back pain!

20 Sit Ups w/ MB. Find a flat spot on the ground and use your towel (or yoga mat) to lay on. Grasping the ball between your hands, be sure to keep it directly over your chest. Let yourself feel the additional weight as you sit up. Do not strain with your neck; let your muscles in your core do the working!

10 Single Leg Squats-lightly holding on to the end of the picnic table, sit down as you would sit in a chair. Feel your you glutes burrrrrrrn (at least mine do)! Be careful not to hold too tightly, rather grasp lightly and let your leg do the work. Switch legs after 10 reps.

Repeat workout as many times as you like. I did this workout 5 cycles today, and finished with a brisk walk around the parks' trail. Be sure to stretch!

My playlist for today:
Dancing Generation-Matt Redman
Bigger Than My Body-John Mayer
Miles to Go-Dave Barnes
These Days-Rascal Flatts
Up and Away-Dave Matthews
Sovereign Hands-Hillsong
Back At your Door-Maroon 5
Angel-Jack Johnson


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