This past week has been quite the week! Full of its ups and downs, that's for sure. I have been battling a upper respiratory/sinus infection for 10+ days now. We're talking a sore throat that has not let up! It feels like I'm swallowing glass every time I swallow. PAIN. I woke up this morning to PINK EYE! What the heck?! I haven't had this since I was a little girl. The doctor said that it is stemming from the infection in my system. I was sent away with an armful of drugs, hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.

Over the weekend my car was hit. Nothing major, but a few scratches and dents. SO glad it wasn't anything worse, and that no one was hurt (I was not in the car). So, that's never fun...then on Monday I went to have my tires rotated and balanced (been feeling some shakiness when I'm over 50 mph), and was told that I need all new tires. Mine are shot, and ready to blow out. Again, what the heck?! So, I'm in for a big purchase in the coming days; and I'm super excited. Can you tell?

We we re supposed to go cold camping this weekend, but we canceled at the last minute due to the weather. As always with TN weather, we totally could have gone. The rain stopped midday, the sun came out, it snowed fun would it have been to wake up to the snow! I had all the food packed; heck, I even bought my fishing license!

So, those are my series of unfortunate events; luckily there were plenty of good times this weekend to counteract all the bad. :)

Because we didn't go camping, we decided to go for a late night bowling adventure. We got to the alley about 12:30 AM, and left by 2am. I bowled my best ever game of 106! And what's a late night without IHOP? So off we go to eat pancakes in the middle of the night. Because we didn't go camping, we decided to "camp" inside at Trish's. Every came over after their late sleep-in; piled on the couch and watch Jack Black movies. We even had a Wii intermission, which we found out that I dominate at Wii boxing HAHA! So random, but so fun.

Sunday I visited Grace Chapel with Jessie and Greg; and LOVED it! Saw a few people that I haven't seen in a while, had a great lunch with the Breeden's and Ecrement's...I loved it. After lunch we decided to catch a matinee of Taken (see preview HERE) , which was incredible! We hung out at Starbucks for awhile before going back to Jessie's and watching Changeling. Not sure what I think about that one just yet. The cinematography was odd, and the plot was a little slow. Can't believe it was up for Oscars! Monday night was Mike's birthday party before he goes back to Iraq (so sad :( ), so we had dinner at Moe's, then to see a movie.

All in all, the positive WAY counteracted the negative this weekend :) Now let's hope I can kick this pinkeye super quick and get back in the swing of things...hope your weekend was fabulous as well!


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